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Information on the RIA 12,000 Puck Club

12,000 Puck Club

The 12,000 Puck Club has been resurrected!
The pucks you shoot today…Are the goals you score tomorrow.

Participation and recognition is intended for Fall season RIA members and high school students skating with either the Rhinelander boy’s high school or Northern Edge girl’s hockey programs.

Puck Club Guidelines:

  • Participants have until November 1 of 2017 to complete the requirements (see form attached below for requirements).
  • All shots recorded must be completed using hockey pucks only (not tennis balls, street hockey balls, etc.).
  • Each individual completing the required 12,000 shots will have their name added to the 12000 Shot Club sign signifying club membership.
  • Each individual meeting the annual shot club goal will get a 12,000 Puck Club apparel.
  • Each individual meeting the annual shot goal will be invited to a rink pizza party celebrating their accomplishment.
  • Each individual meeting the annual shot goal will have a chance to have their name added to a drawing for a grand prize (the first round a hockey stick was the grand prize, second round was $100 gift card at goal line).
  • Participation, including reporting timely, will make you eligible for drawings/prizes throughout the reporting period.

This is a great way to improve your shot and score more goals to help your team win more games.

If you have questions contact Coach Laggis at 715-499-0817. 

Report your shots here!

2016 Tally of Participant Shots:
Name # Of Shots Date Last Reported
Abe Laggis 4700 07/31/2016
Cal Laggis 1200 07/31/2016
Cody Everson 12,001 10/08/2016
Layne Roeser 12,000 10/20/2016
Maddi Roeser 12,000 10/20/2016
Leo Losch 12,100 10/30/2016
Joe Schneider 12,000 10/30/2016
Sam Schneider 12,000 10/30/2016
Zach Edyvean 12,350 11/01/2016
Joey Belanger 12,060 10/31/2016
Caleb Shefvland 12,000 11/01/2016
Dylan Shefvland 12,000 11/01/2016
Carter Detienne 12,000 11/01/2016