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Rhinelander Figure Skating Club

The figure skating season starts October 19 - see below for information and to sign up!

US Figure Skating Safe Sport Handbook

US Figure Skating Safe Sport Handbook

Here's to.... cold rinks, early mornings, countless hours of practice, landing a jump for the first time, good days, bad days, everything in between, a new injury every day, being in pain and skating your heart out anyway, road trips, plane trips, feeling like you can't breathe at the end of your program, breaking in new skates, year round training, weight lifting, getting yelled at to turn your warm up music down, counting calories, going CrAzY when you're off the ice, new dresses, competitor parties, goodie bags, lunch breaks, final rounds, practice ice, 4 am wake up calls, cheering for your friends, eating out with your friends after a long day at the rink, sleepovers, trophies, medals, skating when you're injured, physical therapy, adrenaline rushes, patience, perseverance, being exhausted, growing up, disappointments, mistakes, let downs, friends who understand what skating means, miracles, love, best friends for life, and most of all - the hardest and best sport ever.. Figure Skating... you only understand it if you've lived it.” –Anonymous

Figure skating is a sport that involves a lot of hard work, dedication, and practice. Yet, it is also a rewarding experience that not only develops athletic talent and inspiration; it also builds lifelong friendships and memories. When a skater first steps onto the ice, their lifelong learning experience begins. Skaters typically begin figure skating in the Basic Skills program. This is the first set of levels within the figure skating program that are developed by the United States Figure Skating Association. Basic Skills has eight levels skaters pass to learn the overall basic moves of the sport. Once a skater passes all Basic Skill levels, they then advance to Freestyle—a new set of levels in which they begin to learn ice patterns, jumps, spins, and perhaps even ice dances.

The Rhinelander Figure Skating Club works hard to make sure the needs are met of all skaters at all levels. In order to incorporate new skaters to the club, the Rhinelander Ice Association offers a Learn to Skate program for young children (times vary depending on the season). Additionally, the Rhinelander Figure Skating Club has a well-established Basic Skills program that is offered 2 evenings a week. Currently, the Freestyle program has also been growing, and many of the Rhinelander figure skating members have accomplished many professional tests administered by the United States Figure Skating Association. Skaters within the Rhinelander Freestyle program have also competed in a variety of figure skating competitions across the state. Annually, the Rhinelander Figure Skating Club hosts an ice show in November and March, as well as a Basic Skills competition in April.

Overall, the Rhinelander Figure Skating Club is dedicated to the community, skaters, and parents. If interested in becoming a part of our journey, please do not hesitate to contact the club via the contact information provided below. Let the skating begin…

Upcoming Events

  • Fall Season Starts - October 19, 2021
  • Holiday Show - November 26, 2021
  • Spring Show - March 25 - 27, 2022
  • Mini Camp  - April 7 - 9, 2022
  • Test Session/Competition - April 9 & 10, 2022

Rhinelander Figure Skating Club

Marty Jones

RFSC President

Rink Manager

Phone: 715-369-9649