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COVID-19 Policies

The link's below contain the COVID-19 policies for practices and games for Rhinelander Ice Arena.  All users of the arena must follow these policies.

Although some things may be a bit different this year, the RIA is dedicated to keeping your kids active and getting them on the ice this October.  There are many unknowns at this point as to what the season will look like, but please rest assured it is the RIAs goal to keep your skater(s) and families safe this winter.

We will be working over the next month to decide the best plan regarding use of locker rooms, access of non-participants to the rink, sanitizing procedures, and much more.  Please be aware that many rinks are requiring players to come dressed and only the players are being allowed to enter the rink.  Our policies have yet to be determined on this, but know that this year will be much different from what you are used to.  PLEASE be patient with the rink, other participants, etc as we work through this unique year.  

It is extremely important that if your skater(s) intends to play this winter, you register him/her by October 1 so we have a true understanding of our numbers at each level.  PLEASE don’t assume we know your player is participating, we NEED you to fill out the appropriate registration information.  

Volunteer Hours

With the current registration packet, we are asking that you commit to the traditional volunteer hour agreement.  Please note that if there are less opportunities for hours due to lack of games or tournaments and lack of other events, the RIA Facilities Board will evaluate this and make adjustments accordingly.

Pizza Sale

The registration packet does not include information on our annual pizza sale.  We are still discussing and evaluating if this fundraiser is feasible in today’s COVID-19 climate.  We will update you on this once a final decision is made.  

Equipment Handout    (and turn in)

We will still offer rental equipment this season, but please be aware that we will try to stick to some specific equipment handout dates to keep our contact limited.  We will announce those dates once we get closer to the season.   If you are NOT playing this year, and did not turn in your equipment from last year, please use the announced dates for handout to turn in any rental gear.

Hockey Fees

Due to the current pandemic and other uncertainties, the RIA Facilities Board has agreed to NOT increase any hockey fees this year.  Note that you can register now without payment, as long as payment is arranged before the first day of practice (select pay by check and it should allow you to pay later).   Those in the 2nd year of Hockey Free for Two Years (IE, last year was your first year playing hockey), please register using the normal registration link, select pay by check, and we will note internally on your account the Free Hockey credit.  Also, financial aid is available for those that receive free or reduced school lunch based on income.  Please contact us for more information on financial aid to see if you are eligible.   

Age Chart

Mite - Born 2012 and younger

Squirt - Born 2010 or 2011

Peewee - Born 2008 or 2009

Bantam - Born 2006 or 2007


Please contact me with any questions or issues with registration.  We are so excited to be able to get back on the ice!

Brett Aylesworth
RIA Rink Manager

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