Volunteer Hour Requirements - Hockey

Basic Requirements

Minimum Hour Requirement 

Mites: 10 Hours

1st Year: 20 Hours

All Returning: 40 Hours

2+ Skaters/family: 70 Hours (Unless Mite or 1st year)


These positions will be credited the following hours:

Head Coach: 40 Hours & High School Event

Assistant Coaches: 30 Hours*

Team Parent: 30 Hours*

Volunteer Coordinator: 30 Hours*

Scheduler: 30 Hours*

Equipment Manager: 30 Hours*


*These positions are still expected to complete a high school event and 9 hours at a tournament.


High School Event is defined as high school game concessions, ticket taker or concessions during the high school girls tourney. Failure to complete this requirement is an additional $50 fee.


Tournament Weekends: Tournament weekends are essential to keeping fees low within the RIA. Without your support, we could not run such great events. Positions available to work are: Concessions, Timekeeper, Scorer, and Zamboni. If you are unable to work tourney hours of your home tournament you are always welcome to work another team weekend tournament. We understand conflicts occur from time to time. Failure to complete your 9 tourney hours will result in an additional fee of $75.


Regular Season Hours: Regular season hours may be accumulated by working concessions, scorer, timekeeper, penalty box and zamboni driver at all games(not just your teams) and open skates/hockeys. All volunteers need to be 14 years or older. Zamboni drivers must pass a zamboni test with the rink manager. Each Zamboni is credited at1/2 hour. 


Special Projects: Additional hours may be earned by working special projects like ice in, ice out, golf outing, face off banquet and other events/projects. These items may also be assigned as needed by the rink manager. Working special projects does not waive tourney and high school event requirements.


Buy-Out Option:  A buy out option is available for $20.00 per hour.


Hours are not transferable to another member, however family members or other designees can complete hours on your behalf.


Reporting of Volunteer Hours: Crossbar will automatically track volunteer hours signed up for within the system. Hours that are not signed up but completed can be submitted via the google form link to the right.


Failure to complete your hours will incur the following fines:

1.5 Hours @ High School Game $50

9 Hours @ Tourney Weekend $75

In addition, for every hour not worked you will be billed $20/hour. Your fees will be expected to be paid before you may register for the next season.


Our association would not exist without our volunteers and all of your efforts. Thank you for doing your part!

Please use this for hours not tracked automatically through Crossbar

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